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What is Color Coded Forex Trading?

Color coded forex trading is when a chart is made up of candles or bars and indicators that confirm a trend when all the colors match.  Another word for it would be color coordinated.


Here’s Cynthia’s latest color coded trading system: Green Tomatoes For Newbies:

The Green Tomatoes For Newbies trading system was created for absolute newbies to forex trading.  CLICK HERE to Download a FREE PDF Guide for how to get started!


Here’s Cynthia’s Currency Strength Meter Template:

Finding the best strong trending pairs has never been easier by using the Currency Strength Meter.


The Neon Breakout System specializes in seeing retracements and divergence:

CLICK HERE to visit the Neon Breakout webpage to watch some videos and see more charts.


Here’s Cynthia’s Easy Color Trend and Flat System:

Cynthias Easy Color Trend and Flat

Click Here To Visit the Easy Color Trend and Flat Webpage



Here’s an example of a color coordinated chart using Cynthia’s London/NY Easy Color System:

color coded forex

Click Here to Visit the London/NY Webpage



Here’s another color coordinated chart example using Cynthia’s Breakout Simple System:

color coded forex

Click Here to Visit the Breakout Simple System Webpage



Here’s another color coordinated chart example using Cynthia’s Color Ribbon Surfing System:

color coded forexClick Here to Visit the Color Ribbon Surfing System Webpage


Why does Cynthia like this style of trading over pure price action or normal indicators and moving averages which typically are all different colors?

Well, it’s simple.  It’s because the brain gets overloaded very easily and the conscious mind gets confused and worries and becomes indecisive or makes poor judgements and decisions.

So as well as being pleasing to look at, color coded forex trading makes the brain and conscious mind relax and not have so much information to process.

Compare Cynthia’s Color Coded Charts to Regular Charts

It’s so obvious….compare a chart with lots of different squiggly colored lines and candles or bars that are colored but don’t really relate to the many different squiggly lines…and it’s worse when you look at the candles or bars themselves…and because of the changes in color every bar or couple of candles, it makes a trader nervous and unsure of what the trend is or what he/she should do.

Then look at one of Cynthia’s charts, where all the candles or bars are smoothed trend candles of the same color that clearly show the trend.  And the indicators are color coordinated and match the colors of the bars or candles.

In addition, the indicators are all based on volatility, so the trend colors become even more dependable and reliable and hence, trustworthy.

Got the Forex Trading Blues?

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