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Cynthia happily offers free MT4 trading tools and tips for every trader that aspires to learn more about trading and wants to make trading easier and more profitable.


Below are some basic fundamental tools of the forex trade….educating yourself is the first item on the agenda.  Consider that anyone wanting to master a new trade needs to go to many years of schooling, sometimes to grad school or a trade school…and learn first the basic fundamentals of their trade.    Then hours and hours and hours of practice are necessary to make the basics become a natural habit of consistent application….only then can success be within your reach.



Cynthia loves Trade Managers and never trades without one.  She believes that using a Trade Manager is one of the basic fundamental tools of trading, for many reasons.

First, a Trade Manager can do things faster and better than we can.

Next, a Trade Manager can semi-automate trade functions and it takes the emotions out of these functions.

Trade Managers can make your trading experience less stressful, and allows you to spend less time in front of your charts.

Learning how to use Trade Managers should be a focus of every trader looking for success.

Trade Managers are, by nature, usually complex because of so many settings variables…the more complex, the more expensive…and newbie traders simply would have a hard time learning how to use the more complex ones.

So Cynthia is offering, for free, her most simple and yet extremely profitable Breakout Scalping Trade Manager EA.

It can be used with any trading system and is great for scalping but can be easily adjusted for day trading or swing trading.

Please visit this webpage to learn more about Cynthia’s Breakout Scalping Trade Manager EA and download it for free:

Get Cynthia’s Free Breakout Scalping Trade Manager EA



It’s in every trading psychology book and guide:

“Trading is 80% psychological and only 20% technical”…and how true it is!

If you’ve read Cynthia’s Trading Story, you’ll learn how she blew up her very first live trading account and how it affected her not only financially, but psychologically….and what she had to do to overcome the effects of the post traumatic stress which included suffering panic attacks even trying to trade in a demo account and not being able to pull the trigger.

From her experience, she learned that she isn’t the only trader to suffer psychological damage from bad trades, and she studied how to overcome the fear of loss and make her sub-conscious mind healthy and be able to trade with confidence again.

During this experience, she had to get hypnosis treatments to be able to start trading again in a demo account, and as her fear subsided over time, her trading started to improve and she was able to go forward to become a successful trader.

Learn about how to have and keep a healthy trading psychology.

If it’s true that trading is 80% psychological, then this is a subject of paramount importance and shouldn’t be overlooked!

Please visit this webpage where you can download a free report Cynthia wrote called ‘How To Trade Like a Samurai Warrior!’:

Healthy Trading Psychology



Next, Cynthia knows about trading breakouts, using candlesticks and understanding divergence and chart patterns.  These are fundamental and basic things that every trader needs to learn in order to be successful.

This training is scattered all over the net but she has compiled the best of the trading guides which you can download for free by visiting this webpage:

Free Trading Guides


Here’s to your bigger trading profits in the future using Cynthia’s Freebies!

Dedicated to your trading success,


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