The Happier Trader Video:

A Guided Meditation Video For Successful Trading

Successful Trading

The Happier Trader: A Guided Meditation Video For Successful Trading

Cynthia Macy Introduces Tink Serval

Please let me introduce Tink Serval, the wonderful voice and personality who will guide you through your meditation to align your subconscious and conscious mind with powerful positive affirmations so that your trading can improve on a daily basis.

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“Trading is 80% psychological and only 20% technical”.

Whether you are a forex trader, stock trader, commodities or futures trader, this powerful Guided Meditation will help you become a more profitable, successful and happier trader, using the best tool available to you:


Learning to relax and to choose the right thoughts has a direct influence on your general well being, as the right thoughts create positive emotions, the engine behind positive expectancy and results!

Our Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video for Successful Trading is designed to bring you into a Zen state, gently and safely, and will rapidly improve your trading skills and increase your prosperity, in all forms.

Achieving this Zen state is the secret all successful traders and entrepreneurs share.

This simple technique has been my trading secret for years, and I keep using it, as it is the key to my successful stress-free trading.

Using it daily before sitting down to my trading session or taking any trading action has made my trading easier, more fun, and … definitely more profitable.  I am delighted to share it with you, and I know from experience, that when you use it daily and consistently, for only 20 minutes a day, it will rapidly improve your trading skills and success, and bring you the prosperity and time freedom that you desire.

An extra bonus: not only your trading skills will improve, but every other aspect of your life will benefit by taking the time to sit down for this little moment of Zen training.

Achieving your financial success and freedom through trading has never been easier if you use my secret trading tool:  The Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video.  It gently puts you into a relaxed state and different positive affirmations are spoken to you directly and lovingly, thus facilitating your state of mind known to traders as being “In The Zone” …. a Zen state of complete relaxation and super-conciousness, where learning and behavior modification and results become effortless.

When in a complete state of relaxation, you align yourself with the Source of the universe and all things in your life will improve:  your trading, your finances, your relationships, your love life, your lifestyle desires, will all prosper happily and be more fulfilling.

Your confidence, positivity and calmness will also grow daily… and you’ll also sleep better at night!  Our video brings you the relaxation you need!

Learn to use your mind and emotions to build up a sharp trader’s confidence, discipline and focus, the three most important qualities all successful traders have in common.

Shift your mind, your thinking.  Shift your life.

Science has proven that you’ll only attract what you keep focusing on.

Start by visualizing yourself as a prosperous person and a successful trader and soon you’ll start feeling and acting like one, and therefore you’ll attract more prosperity directly into your life!

Here are four examples of the powerful gentle affirmations used in The Happier Trader Guided Meditation for Successful Trading:

“I enjoy my daily relaxation meditation as it increases my confidence and clarity, and makes trading so easy and effortless.”

“I appreciate myself being a calm and confident trader.”

“I love the ease in which money comes to me through my trading.”

“I am surrounded by peace and prosperity, my relaxation allows abundance, health and happiness to flow and grow in my life…. the smile on my face increases by the minute.”

The affirmations start with “I am” …, “I enjoy” …, “I love” …, “I appreciate” … all positive personal messages that by-pass your gate keeper negative conscious mind and allows your subconscious to align with “Source Energy” and create or manifest that which you desire to have or be.

Manifesting abundance is a skill that you will master by using our Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video consistently. For me, learning how to manifest and attract the things I want in life has transformed my reality, and if you let it, it can transform yours too.

This Guided Meditation for Traders is a co-creation made by Cynthia Macy of Day Trade Forex, a professional forex trader and trading system creator since 2003, and Tink Serval, a life-long Performer-Artist and Holistic Life Coach, specialized in the Art and Science of Mind, Spirit, and Body Alignment, and in particular, very expert in guided meditation. 

Together we have created The Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video for Successful Trading that will serve you well to help you achieve your desired goal of becoming a successful and prosperous trader.


Allow yourself 20 minutes once or twice a day of undisturbed “Power Nap” relaxation time.

We have created a 20 minute guided meditation video for you to use at any time of the day and night… before trading and before bedtime is especially recommended.

If you are short on time, we have also created a short 3 min relaxation video that you can use at any time.

Use head phones for maximum benefit (ensure your undisturbed quiet space, turn cell phone, etc, off).

Tink will guide you through the short relaxation technique first and then will start the Happier Trader Guided Meditation for Successful Trading affirmations.  The more consistent you are with daily use of the Guided Meditations, the faster it will start working for you.

Here’s a complimentary 3 min Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video you can use at any time… it’s a short snippet from the full 20 min Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video available for purchase after you click the image below.

Please click the image below to get access to the free 3 minute snippet video:

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Achieving your financial success and freedom through trading has never been easier if you use Cynthia's secret trading tool: The Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video.
We are happy to offer you a complimentary 3 min Happier Trader Guided Meditation Video you can use at any time... Please fill out the form below to get access to the free 3 min snippet video:


After clicking the image above and successfully filling out the form, look for an immediate re-direct to the page which has the free 3 minute snippet video and bookmark the page so you can return at any time. You’ll also receive an email with the webpage, please look for it in your email spam and inbox.

You can purchase the full 20 minute video after you have signed up to receive the free 3 minute snippet video on the form above.

Cynthia and Tink thank you for your interest and we are excited for you to get started with your own full 20 minute Happier Trader Guided Meditation…. being “In The Zone” and trading with confidence and success…. finally!




Legal Disclaimer:  Your visit to this website or purchase constitutes your acceptance and responsibility for the proper use of the guided meditation videos (you promise not to watch or listen to the videos if you are driving or doing something other than being in a safe place) and if you feel you’ve been harmed in any way, you agree to hold harmless all principals and affiliates involved in the creation and/or promotion of the guided meditation videos.  These videos are not intended to be a cure for any psychological or mental disease or illness and if you have need of an appropriate licensed doctor you should seek one out.




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