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Forex Trend Scanner & Pattern Recognition

So, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade?  A forex trend scanner is essential.

Knowing the trend is crucial.  But we know it’s difficult to scan and monitor 34 currency pairs to find some trade setups where the trend agrees on multiple time frames.

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading during uncertain market periods. Instead, pick the best trending pair at the current time.

It uses no indicators, but the trend is determined by pure price action.

It quickly scans 34 Forex pairs on all time frames from minute to monthly. That’s 34 x 9 = 306 charts.

Forex Trendy analyzes all the charts for you every second!

This way, you get the best trending pair and time frame AT ANY TIME YOU WANT.

forex trend scanner

The software runs on our powerful computers so you instantly get the results online.

You can use your favorite trading platform such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation… and there is nothing you have to download or install. It is very easy to use.

Avoid struggling with the erratic market chaos when the trend direction is unclear. Take only confident trades in the best markets at the current time.

You would be the one knowing which one particular (even exotic) pair is trending while other traders wouldn’t notice it without this tool. Knowledge is power!  The forex trend scanner makes this possible.


Now a special bonus: Auto recognizing Triangles, Flags, Wedges and Trend Lines
forex trend scanner chart pattern recognition


Forex Trendy is a much more sophisticated application capable of recognizing the most reliable continuation chart patterns. It scans through all the charts, on all time frames and analyzes every potential breakout. After considering the reliability of the pattern it tells you something like this:

Hey, look at GBP/NZD on hourly time frame…
the price just broke down from a Triangle!
  • You can get audible alerts and email alerts.
  • You can pick and choose the pairs you want monitored.
  • You’ll see live charts of the best trending currency pairs and time frames.
  • You’ll see the charts with the trend lines forming the triangle and the breakout point – all that clearly drawn for you….the forex trend scanner does all this for you automatically.

Not familiar with chart patterns and these fancy names? You can get the FREE 30-page PDF ebook with tons of real examples “Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends And Patterns” by going here:

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