Neon Breakout MT4 trading system

Trading in the slow lazy H4 or Daily charts is the way to make the most pips.

But you can use Cynthia’s Neon Breakout MT4 Trading System

to scalp, day trade or swing trade, however you like to trade.

Since we want to catch the breakouts, we trade only when all colors agree and the colored bar in the bottom momentum window has crossed the red zero line.
Exit is when the colored bar in the bottom momentum window has crossed the red zero line in the opposite direction.
If the colors are mixed, it’s a no trade zone for us, since it means consolidation and possible choppiness….in this case we would just go look at another chart!

Entries are easy to see because a big aqua or magenta dot will appear, often with a big aqua or magenta arrow alert, which also has a popup audio alert.

This trading system makes it easy to see price action, momentum and divergence for trends, pullbacks, and re-entries, to maximize your gains from a strong trend.

I trade only the high Average Daily Range pairs… over 80 pips average range over a 10 day period is going to get you the best moving pairs with good momentum.  Your template has this indy on it so you can pick and choose which pairs you want to trade that day.

The GbpAud is one of my favorite pairs and really gets going at 4 am EST for about 4 hours. 

So if you can trade the London Open for four hours , you’ll get the most pips.  But if you only can trade for a few hours a little later, if you can sit down at least by 6 am EST, you’ll still have two good trading hours with this pair using a M30 chart.

Then it goes choppy in the M30 chart  after 8 am EST but you can still drop down to the 15 minute chart and catch moves between 20 to 50 pips.

Here’s a short 2 minute introductory video:

If you’d like to see more charts and watch more videos about the Neon Breakout MT4 Trading System, please visit the webpage by clicking HERE.

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