Coinexx Worldwide Broker

Coinexx Forex and Crypto Broker Worldwide

Coinexx is a worldwide broker that offers MT4/MT5 and accepts Canadian and US traders, and still allows crypto deposits and withdrawals, WITHOUT KYC!

I’ve researched and have attempted to explore various other brokers that
allow US traders that still offer MT4 and cryptos..

Some have gone from offering MT4 to only MT5, and now some have
abandoned Metaquotes altogether and have gone to either TradeLocker or
TickTrader, neither of which we can use any MT4 or MT5 indicators or
templates, etc.

In my search for a reputable broker that offers MT4/MT5 for US traders, and still
allows crypto deposits and withdrawals. I’ve run across Coinexx Worldwide
Broker that has a super good reputation/review on TrustPilot.

I’ve already created a live account, WITHOUT KYC, deposited using LTC from my
hot wallet Atomic, initiated and received a LTC withdrawal within 2 days, and
have been trading it to see spreads, slippage, and performance at US stock market
open and red news events, and the MT4 platform doesn’t freeze at any time and the
slippage is minimal, and with normal spreads, especially important at red news events
and US stock market open… this has always been one of the most important aspects of
trading with any broker, IMHO.

I’d recommend actually doing a small test LTC deposit with the new broker
now, and start trading in a demo and/or small live acct, to get to know them
and get comfortable before you deposit a larger sum.  (On that note, I wouldn’t
keep any really large sum on any broker, don’t use them as your bank, and
withdraw profits weekly.  Deposit just enough so that you can withdraw
your desired gains weekly.)

Here’s my aff link to the Coinexx broker:

Coinexx Worldwide Broker

Coinexx forex and crypto broker is a worldwide broker including traders from Canada and the US that offers MT4/MT5 and still allows crypto deposits and withdrawals, without KYC!

Leverage – 100-500 , Account Type – ECN, MT4 Account Base Currency = USD, EUR and

MT5 Account Base Currency =USD, BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC & BCC

Fund & withdraw with:
BTC, LTC, Tether USDT ERC20, USDC ETH, Dogecoin

Min dep & withdrawal= 0.001 BTC equivalent to $10 minimum or 0.14 of LTC, etc.  Add a little extra for gas fees.

Coinex processes withdrawals manually and it may take up to 48 hours
for the withdrawal to be completed.

Dual Authentications:
We have added an additional layer of security in an effort to keep client’s
funds safe and secure. While placing a withdrawal request, you will need to
enter an authentication code from your mobile device.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact Coinexx
any time via Live Chat, email ( ) or 24/5 live chat.

Here’s my aff link to the Coinexx broker:

Fund it with LTC to test in a small live acct! Do a google search for the
conversion of LTC to USD: ‘ convert LTC to USD ‘… you only need $10
of LTC to test in a live acct!

*** Fund from a hot wallet, not your exchange! And withdraw LTC from
Coinexx into your hot wallet, NEVER directly into your exchange! ***



Coinexx has been great, but you need to follow the instructions below….
and there are lots of youtube videos to learn how to do various things,
so I recommend you do that if you need education.

If you can buy crypto or better yet, LiteCoin (LTC) from within some
crypto exchange, then you should be able to convert it inside the
exchange into LiteCoin (LTC).

You need to send LiteCoin (LTC) from your exchange directly into a
hot wallet like Atomic or Exodus…you never ever ever withdraw directly
to or from an exchange (like Kraken or Gemini or Coinbase or Binance
or Kucoin), you must always use a hot wallet as an intermediary between
exchanges and programs/brokers. Your choice and use of a crypto exchange
will depend upon your country of residence and you will need to do the KYC.

Most US citizens use Coinbase….I use Kucoin because I live in Mexico….
but Kucoin accepts US and Canadian citizens…. and they don’t report to any
US agencies, like Coinbase does.

I like two hot wallets, Atomic and Exodus. either one. You can receive and
send most all cryptos and also exchange one crypto to another. There is no
KYC for a hot wallet.

Trezor hardware cold wallets now work with Exodus – advanced security made
easy if you want to store large sums of crypto without bringing it into your
bank or leaving it in a hot wallet… this feature makes Exodus best.

Choose a desktop version, really easy to use. Write down your password
and secret phrase and keep them safe.

If you want to swap/exchange cryptos and your hot wallet swap fee is too expensive,
use this swap site:

So first, set up your hot wallet, then your Coinexx acct (there’s no KYC),
get a demo and live acct and send a small amount of LTC from your hot wallet to
live acct to see how the process works. You can send more anytime, it takes
about 15 min for it to hit your live acct.

Here’s the actual detailed process: (always use your copy/paste for the addresses
so they are perfectly correct and double check the accuracy before sending or
receiving crypto!)

1. Inside your hot wallet, get your receive address for LTC, use that to
withdraw/send LTC from your exchange to your hot wallet.

2. Then get your receive LTC address from Coinexx and send your LTC from
hot wallet to Coinexx.

3.  When you withdraw from Coinexx, always first send it to your hot wallet,
never directly to an exchange.  Exchanges are likely to shut down your account
if you do this… so always use your hot wallet as an intermediary when depositing
and withdrawing from any program or broker.

Here’s my aff link to register with the Coinexx broker:

And here’s my aff link to look at the Coinexx home page, but please use my link above to register or you won’t be placed under me:

By registering with Coinexx under me, you’ll receive top priority support from me, and it doesn’t cost you anything!


Off-ramp crypto to your bank account in Just One Transaction

I’ve tested a new way to get crypto into my US bank acct PLUS use it to pay
credit cards, it works like a charm, so this is something you need to set up
right away to test, you don’t need AirTM or MoonPay for deposits or withdrawals.

Please use my aff link to signup:

I withdraw from Coinexx broker with LTC (they don’t offer Dash for withdrawals)
into my hot wallet like Atomic or Exodus, then exchange LTC in Atomic or Exodus
(or other) wallet to Dash, then use Spritz to pay bank or CC’s with Dash.
Bank deposit arrives the next day, CC payment arrives in 2 days, pretty fast!

In Spritz, you just get the Dash crypto address to use to send Dash from
your Atomic (or other) wallet to Spritz to pay, you don’t need to actually
connect your wallet on the webpage, but you do need to choose Dash.
I chose Dash because they don’t offer to use LTC to pay with, and the fees
are low and you don’t need Ethereum, which is expensive.

If you need help or have questions about anything, please just ask away,
I’m here to help!


Email me at:  daytradeforex @

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